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Empowered You Course

Brenda-Winkle-Spiritual-Teacher-072This course will allow you to know yourself better, learn what is holding you back and help you remove those blocks.

Empower Me!

Manifesting Miracles

Brenda-Winkle-Boise-Spiritual-Teacher-meditation-12Discover and refine your own ability to manifest anything you want into reality by changing your thoughts.

Manifest now!


Reiki is the life force energy that is in and around all living things. Reiki helps promote balance, relaxation and healing.

I need relaxation and healing.

Angel Card Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings help connect you with your angels,  guides and higher power help you understand your life and path.

I need some answers and guidance.

Empowered You helps you identify any block you have put on yourself. Then Brenda gives you step by step guidance to eliminate those blocks. Since Empowered You, I carve out more time for myself in my schedule. I have more fun without the guilt. I am on my priority list now!

Winter Empowered You Student

Elementary Teacher

I loved all of the music and meditations! All of the topics were relevant. I appreciated all of the reference material Brenda provided along with the class notes. Empowered You is a great tool for anyone that is wanting to begin meditation or start learning more about themselves. It truly was very empowering for me and was presented in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Winter Empowered You Student

Independent Sales Consultant

I have really enjoyed how Empowered You has opened me up to new experiences. I’ve stepped out of my normal boundaries and have been able to shift my paradigm. It really has been empowering!! This workshop may lead you to become more in touch with your emotions, but in a positive way. This could lead to a new way of thinking and that’s very positive.

Winter Empowered You Student


Brenda Winkle

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