I promised you in blog two weeks ago (click here to check that out) that I would include gratitude as a topic and decided the time is ripe. Ripe with the promise of harvest around the corner and also ripe with our collective need to have hope of change, especially in the United States of America.

Gratitude is very powerful. The only thing more powerful than gratitude is love itself, but the beauty of gratitude is that it can bring more love into your experience. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Through love all things are possible, but what if you can’t seem to feel love? What if you feel frustrated or hopeless? Or perhaps you are experiencing anger or loneliness, anxiety or depression. It can seem impossible to feel love when we are experiencing negative emotions. But there is a way to feel better that is surprisingly easy.

This isn’t to say we should avoid having negative emotions. Those emotions can teach us about the things in our lives that might need our attention or be instructive about wounds that need healing. Experiencing all emotions is in fact healthy. That said, being stuck in one of the more negative emotions doesn’t feel good.

How you can use gratitude to turn around negative emotions

Gratitude works in an almost magical way to pivot negative emotions. True gratitude means you are placing your focus on things in your life that you are glad are there, and that feeling of being in appreciation for the things you have in your life feels good. Even if it starts really small, like focusing on something from this exact moment, gratitude works.

Give it a try. Right this minute, what are you experiencing that you feel grateful for? Consider where you are sitting, what you are looking at, something you have to look forward for, a happy memory, someone you love, even the hot cup of tea or coffee you had this morning. Do you have small children at home and rarely enjoy a hot beverage, maybe you can feel grateful for the microwave. Had a challenging day? When you go home, how will you find relaxation or solace? Lost something or someone you love, can you find gratitude for the memories?

I’ll share mine. My teaching job is very challenging. I love working with the kids and I am overjoyed to make music with them. The staff I work with is top notch and filled with good humans. But the job is hard. I’ve been feeling anxious, overworked, resentful and frustrated until I used gratitude to pivot my experience.

Here is my pivot. I’m so grateful that I have a secure job with benefits so I can feel secure while I build this website and community to be able to attract more readers so that publishers will take me seriously when I send in my proposals (having already built a platform which is essential to authors). This secure job allows me to safe for retirement, provides healthcare and means I get to spend my days doing what I love, making music with others…and especially, making music with kids.

This change has brought about other changes. My schedule is a little improved so I can physically handle my job this year. I have a new colleague to collaborate with who is taking some of my load, and she is filled with such cool ideas I can hardly stand it. But more importantly, my outlook and affect have shifted. I’m positive and excited about teaching because it is supporting my dream to be a full time author before I have the full time author’s paycheck. This frees me up to actually be able to take the time to work on the books and to write this blog.

Why Gratitude works

Gratitude works because it changes your focus from what you do not want/like to what you do want/like. We know that what we focus upon magnifies and that universe expands to create a physical manifestation of that magnification. That means simply, what you think about you bring about. The pivot to gratitude means that you shift your attention from the things that are bugging you to the things you actually want to see more of in your life. And… you will begin to see more of those things in your life. It is universal law and is often referred to as The Law of Attraction.

When you have a negative thought, don’t judge yourself. Simply shift it using gratitude. “I’m so tired of mowing the lawn” can become “I am so grateful to have this outdoor space to spend time in and I value taking care of it”. “I’m feeling like there is conflict in my workplace” can become “I am so grateful to have a job that is teaching me about working with difficult situations, I’m learning and growing every day.” “These wasps are making me NUTS and freaking me out!”, can become, “These wasps are still freaking me out. What are they trying to teach me?” (by the way…what is the name of a good organic pest control company?… just kidding, well, not really… we are still dealing with the wasps as they moved into the tubes of the trampoline. Eek!) I think you get the idea.

What can you use gratitude to pivot?

That’s the beautiful thing about using gratitude as a spiritual tool. You can quite literally change ANYTHING by applying gratitude to your situation. First you may not see physical changes but you will begin to feel better. What is something in your life you’d like to try gratitude on?

Me? I’m super excited to go slice a juicy peach on my counter the night before school starts (Monday!) and to be able to spend time with my friends and family this week. And I’m so grateful for all of the amazing people in my life who keep me laughing, loving and feeling supported. Like you. Thank you for reading.

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