Weekly Angel Card Reading

This is your weekly angel card reading for the week of June 19-25. If this reading comes across your path, you can be assured it is for you.

This week I drew from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Answer Deck. The card that came up for you was “Wait”.

Now is a time of patience. This is not the week to take action, but a week to study and observe. Pay attention to what is happening around you. Watch and wait.

There will be more information coming to you this week. If you aren’t sure what information you are looking for, ask the angels for a sign. When you ask for a sign, ask for a no-coincidences/no-accident sign. Ask for a sign you can’t possible miss or misinterpret.

You’ve heard in previous weekly angel card readings about Heaven’s respect for free will. This means that you need to ask your angels for help. They don’t want to step in and negate your free will. They love it when you ask for help! And the love it when you ask for a sign that can’t be missed.

You might say something like this. “Dear angels, this week I’m asking you for guidance on ________________. I need a clear sign of which way is the way of the highest good for me and everyone involved. Please make it such a big sign I will be certain that it is a sign from you. Please show me a ___________ or better by _______(date and time).”

You could ask to see something specific. You might see this sign as the physical representation of the actual thing you asked to see. You might see this sign as a billboard, a sticker, an emblem on a t-shirt or in your social media news feed. You can also leave it to the angels and ask for a big-cannot-be-missed-or-misinterpreted sign. Once I asked for this type of sign and left it open to the angels; I had over 100 new Twitter followers in one day.

I hope this serves you. If it does, please consider sharing. My mission is to share love and light far and wide.

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