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Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual online life coaching

Spiritual life coaching sessions are private and one-on-one. Sessions will be held via an online meeting (platforms may vary but will often be ZOOM). In spiritual online life coaching sessions we will determine your goals, look at where you are and where you want to be, and work to uncover anything that is holding you back from achieving your dreams. Sessions can focus on a variety of topics ranging from relationships, career, health, children, goals, daily life,  and spirituality.

My job is to be your coach. I will not be able to do the work for you but will support you as you do the work by providing you with resources, ideas and accountability during your online life coaching session.

There will be assignments you are asked to complete between sessions for optimal outcome. It is recommended but not required for a minimum of three sessions. This is YOUR online life coaching so you determine how many sessions you need. There is no minimum required and no contracts. There is a disclaimer you will need to sign.

You can choose a time that works for you on the scheduler below. Go ahead and pick a time!

You will be emailed a recording of your session within 48 hours so you can refer to the meeting over and over as a resource.

  • Spiritual life coaching appointments are held via online meetings.
  • You will receive an email invoice for your spiritual life coaching session.
  • Once payment has been received, you will be emailed a link to your personal coaching session at your chosen appointment time.

**This session works in complement to your mental health care and is not a substitute.**

FIRST – register for an appointment that’s convenient for you.

NEXT – You will receive an email invoice for your spiritual life coaching session. Full payment is required before a meeting link will be sent to you.

THEN – a link to our online session will be sent to you.

We will hold our appointment.

FINALLY – you’ll be emailed a recording of our session for you to use as a resource.



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