Brenda Winkle

Brenda Winkle has her Masters of Education in Educational Leadership and is a lifelong musician. She is a ThetaHealing® Practitioner, a Reiki Master, and an Advanced Clendinning Healing Technique Practitioner. 

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Women Empowered


I felt so alone until I read “EmpowerHer”. I wish I would have had this book years ago.

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Drive Through Book Signing • Boise, Idaho

Following COVID-19 protocols Brenda will be offering to sign her books in a drive through book signing by appointment. Come back for more information soon. (updated 12/7/20)

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What yoga and my plants taught me

What yoga and my plants taught me

Root to rise: what yoga and my plants taught me I'm a practicing yogi with a nearly daily practice. In yoga, you often hear the term "root to rise". It means to get your foundation stable before trying to stand into a different pose. Plants do that, too. I've been...

Walk it off

Walk it off

Discharging physical energy and stress before you speak to those you love by moving your body can help you avoid complaining or being grumpy.

The cure for dis-content

The cure for dis-content

Let's be real. The toll COVID-19 is taking on us as employees, parents, friends, and community members can't be ignored. No matter what you are doing, where you are doing it, or the role you have: things are different than they have ever been. What if I told you I had...

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