How to live spiritually in a difficult political climate

I chose to share a video blog with you today so that you can see my expression and hear my voice on our topic today. Our topic is how to live spiritually in a difficult political climate.

I had hoped that after our election cycle, some of the conflicts present would begin to dissipate. Instead, the opposite has happened. We see co-workers having high stakes conversations in opposition to each other. We see division among friends and families as they choose their political sides. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. Being involved in causes you believe is critical and an integral part of living in a democracy but there is another way besides separation.

My mission is to teach how to live spiritually in our day to day lives.

There two really important things to remember.

  1. We are all connected.
  2. Fear and love cannot exist in the same place at the same time.

Any time we feel a sense of separation (us vs. them) we are embracing separation which is fear. Fear of lack, fear of the other, etc. Fear is not real.

When we are in fear, we have lost our connection to our Higher Power (The Universe, Spirit, God, Source). We have lost the connection to our higher selves and our own sense of inner knowing.

Once we reconnect, we can make decisions from a place that reflects our highest values. When we make decisions from a place of love, we are going to make different kinds of decisions. This is how we can live spiritually in a difficult political climate.

For more – and our affirmation / prayer, check out the video blog. One of the links I mention is The Institute of Heart Math at

I choose to be more loving. Help me to be more loving.

Love is the greatest power. It allows us to access our higher selves and connect with our Higher Power (God, Source, The Universe, Spirit) and can be how we live spiritually in a difficult political climate. I offer more on this topic of choosing love in my online course called Empowered You. I invite you to check it out.

All my love,


“Empowered You” Course – online life coaching

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