“Empowered You” online life coaching workshop – Resigration is currently closed but will reopen in Spring 2021!

The ultimate in self-healing and self-empowerment provided through a 4 part online life coaching workshop all for $99

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If you clicked to open this page, there must have been something in you that is searching. I’d like to offer some help and relief if you’ve ever thought or felt these things….

  • You’ve been through a difficult experience and are working to regain your balance
  • You feel stuck
  • You are wishing you had time to really know yourself
  • You are ready for change
  • You struggle with anxiety or depression
  • You fear being lonely or are experiencing profound loneliness
  • You need healing from things that have happened in your life
  • You are ready for more
  • You are wishing to rely more on your spirituality – Or yearning for a greater connection to Spirit (God, The Universe, Source) not steeped in dogma
  • You are starting a new chapter or wishing you were
  • You want feel more empowered and in the driver’s seat of your own life
  • You are trying to decide what is next for you
  • You wish you were more grounded and centered
  • You are worried your life is out of balance
  • You want to stop trying to control outcomes and learn to live in the moment

If you have been trying to make positive changes in your life, you are not alone. This is for you!

When you feel these things, it is a perfect time to get more spiritual. Whether spirituality to you means meditation, prayer or attending church – this will help.

My Empowered You” workshop is designed to provide an in-depth and personal study into the topics listed above in addition to teaching you to foster your own spiritual connection.

What have others said about Empowered You? Check out this blog post that included testimonials from past students. 

This entire series is hosted completely online! You can attend from anywhere!! 

What is my background? Take a look here.

Empowered You Workshop Dates – All one-hour workshops are all online.

Workshops will be recorded and sent to you about 48 hours after the workshop. 

July 20 – 9 am Pacific / 10 am MST / 12 pm EST

July 27 – 9 am Pacific / 10 am MST / 12pm EST

August 3 – 9 am Pacific / 10 am MST / 12pm EST

August 10 – 9 am Pacific  / 10 am MST / 12 pm EST

Payment options

Curriculum – 

Day 1  – What do I really want? This workshop will focus on how to pinpoint the things you really desire in your life. Through goal setting, value clarification exercises, visualization, meditations, journaling and a spiritual discussion; I will help put you on a path where you can set up systems and habits to help you achieve your goals. We will focus on clearing negative thinking patterns, talk about how to keep our daily lives simple and fulfilling while meeting our commitments and obligations all while growing spiritually. Reiki infused workshop materials will be provided.

Day 2 -Radical Self Care: simple steps to less stress, better health, increased happiness and improved well being. This month’s session will include easy tips and tricks to making time for ourselves in our busy every day lives to allow us to become our best selves. Time will be spent on learning negative thinking patterns and replacing those patterns with new intentional thoughts.  Meditations, journaling and spiritual discussion will again be an integral part of this week. We will focus on continuing the simple changes we implemented last month and add some additional tools to be your best self. Reiki infused workshop materials will be provided.

Day 3  – Getting out of your own way: busting through the blocks. This month we will help determine what gets in your way
and find ways to keep you moving forward to reach your goals after the new excitement of implementing change has worn off. This will come at the perfect time at about 2 months into the new year where most people find they are struggling to keep their resolutions. New meditations and journal prompts will aid in your discovery process and keep you moving forward. New tools for consistent positive thinking patterns will be sent home with you. Law of Attraction will be an important component in this month’s session. Reiki infused workshop materials will be provided.

Day 4 – Easy tips and tricks to maintaining the positive steps you’ve taken in the past three months through out the year. New meditations, journal prompts, resources and a spiritual discussion will be added to your tool box in addition to practical and simple things you can do every day, every week, or every month. Law of Attraction and positive thinking patterns will be reinforced with new material. Reiki infused workshop materials will be provided.

Payment options

Questions? Email me at brenda@brendawinkle.com or call/text 208-830-2164.

Blessings to you!