This angel card reading is for the week of April 9 – 15, 2016. This week I drew from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Answer Card Deck. Opportunity popped up!

This card tells us that there is a positive opportunity coming for you. This will be a time of great abundance! This abundance may be related to a number of things. For some of you, this abundance will come in the form of new relationships. For others, this abundance comes in the form of positive changes in your career, perhaps a new direction. For some people this abundance will be financial.

Do you see how the angel in this card has her arms wide open ready to receive? The angels want you to know that it’s safe and ok for you to also open your arms to receive. You’ve been very generous. This is your turn to receive. By allowing this to happen, you are allowing someone else the gift of giving. The universe seeks balance, and this time, it’s your turn to be the recipient! Open your arms and embrace the blessings flowing to you.

If you’re been waiting to take action until the time was right, this is the time. Take that action and know that you are fully supported. You are loved. You are valuable. And you deserve this. Say that to yourself, my friend. “I deserve this.”

Life your face (metaphorically) heavenward. By connecting to the angels and Source (God, Universe, your higher power) opportunity and abundance will continue to flow to you. Make sure to keep your thoughts positive to allow the flow.

The angels have a special message for one of you. Pink. Honestly, I don’t know what that means. But one of you will. When you get that feeling in the center of your heart that you understand, don’t doubt. That message is for you.

Did you know I’m a graduate of Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s Certified Angel Card Reader Program? For an individual and in-depth angel card reading you can book online here.

Love and light to you.



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