This week, I used Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Master’s Deck for your Angel Card Reading. This reading is for the week of April 16 – 22, 2016. If this reading crosses your path, it is absolutely meant for you.

The White Tara Purification card popped up for you. The card tells us that you are needing some purification, which is also often called detoxification.

When we hear from the angel about purification or detoxing it means we need to be more mindful about what we are putting into our bodies. It can also mean that we need to help cleanse our bodies from impurities which can include unhealthy foods, alcohol, caffeine, negativity and stress. Whichever of those resonated for you just now or stuck out is the one that the angels are intending for you.

Someone reading needs to monitor their fat intake because your heart is working much too hard because of the fatty food in your diet. The angels tell me you already know what to do.

There is also someone reading who is under such a heavy load of stress that your health is being compromised. Stressful situations may require you to find a new situation or change how you are looking at the situation. Ask the angels to help you manage your stress and decide what to do. They are ready to help.

There is someone out there who has been wondering for a while if they needed to completely cut out alcohol; this is the sign you asked for. Yes, you need to get sober. Ask the angels for help in your sobriety. Ask them to help you detox without any withdrawal symptoms and you’ll be able to give it up easily. You are ready.

To help your body detox and purify, take a sea salt bath with some essential oils. Add about a cup of sea salt to a bath with a few drops of lavender and/or eucalyptus oil. This will help pull the toxins from your body.

To help your spirit purify, spend time in prayer and meditation this week. The angels are ready to help. Remember that Heaven believes strongly in free will. God and the angels will only be able to help if ask. So ask!! By asking, you aren’t taking away from anyone else. The angels are omnipresent which mean that they can be with all of us at the same time! They want to help and are waiting for your invitation. To the person who’s been waiting for the angels to intervene while stubbornly refusing to ask for help, the angels gently remind you that they need to be asked or they will fear they are imposing on your free will.

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Love and light to you.


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