This week the angels asked me to draw from the physical card deck of Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Answers Deck rather my app. They wanted me to draw two cards for you! If this reading crosses your path, you can be assured it’s meant for you.

The first card I drew was the Improving Health card. This card tell us that your health is going to be improving, obviously. The angels are telling me you’ve been out of balance in some areas in your life and this is contributing to your health concern. Strive to put balance into your life by putting conscious effort into your schedule. This will help empower you to schedule in time for rest and for play. You need much more of both! The angels are telling me that you need to trust both yourself and God. Trust yourself by taking care of yourself in the way you are being guided. You already know something you need more of in your life. You also already know something you need to let go of in your life, or perhaps put some limits on.

Keep your heart chakra clear by appropriately expressing your feelings and your thoughts. By keeping things inside you, you are making your current health concern more serious. This doesn’t mean that you should verbally attack anyone you are frustrated with. It does mean that you should work to find a way to lovingly express your real feelings. Not everyone will embrace your sharing your feelings. But that’s ok. You’ll be happier and healthier to be authentic.

The second card I drew was the It’s Up to You card.  What I strongly hear from the angels is that your health is up to you. You are in the driver’s seat. You can improve your health quickly by focusing on nutrition. There is something bothering your body that needs to be cut out. It may be stress, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, dairy or even gluten. The first thing you thought is the thing you are being guided to give up. Ask the angels for help in letting go. Ask them to help you by taking away an withdrawal symptoms and cravings for unhealthy (for you) foods or lifestyle practices.

Archangel Raphael is the healer of the archangels. Call on him for help.

I know this can be hard. In the past 5 months the angels have guided me to give up gluten, caffeine and alcohol. With the angels help, I was able to give them all up with not one single withdrawal symptom. Coffee was the hardest to give up. I had to find new things that work better for my body. Chai Rooibos Tea with coconut milk is my new morning beverage. It’s so good and leaves me feeling light, clear and energized!  If you would like cheerleaders in your journey, please comment and we will all cheer you on!

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Love and light to you.


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