This week, I drew from Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Master Deck. If this reading crosses your path, it is a sign your angels intended this message for you.

The “Drink more water” card came up for you this week. This means exactly what you think it means. Your body is thirsty for pure water.

Cut back on anything you are drinking that isn’t pure water. Drink more fluids as well. This will help your body release any toxins (emotional or physical) you’ve been holding on to.

This message comes on the weekend of the full moon. The full moon is naturally a time to release anything no longer serving you. You can help this process by increasing your intake of pure water. Eliminate chemicals (or significantly reduce them) to release even more. Cut back or cut out sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Replace those drinks with pure water.

The angels say that if pure water sounds boring and unappealing, add some fruit to make it pretty and taste great. Try organic raspberries or freshly cut organic limes. Organic mint leaves can also be a lovely and refreshing addition to your water.

You’ll find by drinking more pure water that you think more clearly. You’ll find that you are more grounded and more centered. You may even find that you get great new creative ideas and ways to solve problems. You will have more energy. You’ll be more positive. You will begin to draw new people to you as your clarity and energy improve.

If you are already drinking lots of water but drinking unfiltered water, consider getting an inexpensive filter like the kind you can get that come with their own pitcher. The angels are clear: the water needs to be pure.

For a meditation to help boost your clarity, peace and healing; click here and scroll down to the second meditation. 

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