This week’s angel card reading (for April 2 – April 8) was drawn from the #ArchangelRaphael card deck by Doreen Virtue.

Two cards popped out today!!

The first, on the left, is YES! This card tells us that you already know what to do. The answer to your question is YES! You can trust your intuitive guidance, it is aligned to your Source (God, Universe, or whatever word makes you feel most comfortable). If you feel like you need help trusting your own feelings and intuition, call on Archangel Raphael.

All of the angels in heaven and Source are big believers in free will. They won’t get involved in our lives unless we ASK them for help, support and guidance. When in doubt about what to do, ask.

If you have trouble discerning their message, ask your body. Your body is a finely tuned divination tool. Ask your question and notice how you feel. If you feel relaxed, vibrant, happy or calm that is the right choice for you. If you feel tense, anxious, stressed or upset, choose again. Trust both yourself and the angels. And don’t ever feel badly about asking the angels again. They WANT to help.

The second card is the Relationships card. This tells us that there may be a physical issue in your body that is related to a relationship. If you are holding anger, it’s time to forgive. Ask Archangel Raphael for help in releasing unforgiveness.

The angels are also telling me that someone here needs to open themselves to love. It might be a romantic relationship or a family relationship for you. By being open to love, you will both give and receive more love.

Sometimes, we have to forgive even when we aren’t feeling ready to forgive in order to heal. As soon as you set the intention to forgive, even if the feelings of forgiveness aren’t there yet, the Universe answers and you move toward forgiveness.

We don’t forgive for the other people in our lives, although they do benefit. We forgive in order to release ourselves from the negative bonds that unforgiveness creates.

Archangel Raphael is like the doctor of the Archangels… and he is also the Archangel we call upon for help in our relationships.

Don’t be surprised if the color green is very present in your life this week. You might see flashes of green light, be drawn to the color green, and notice the green all around you as you allow Archangel Raphael to heal you and work miracles on your behalf.

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Love and light to you this week.



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